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How Axel Glade Uses How-To Videos to Optimize Conversion Rate in eCommerce

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Axel Glade created The Spade to reinvent the way we clean our ears. 

The Spade allows you to look deep inside your ear, to clean even the hardest places to reach easily. The unique invention was an early success, and those who used it gave glowing reviews. With any new invention comes consumer education, and what better way to educate and beat your conversion goal rates, other than video?

VideoWise is a phenomenal product, we've been looking for a solution like this for quite a while. Ever since we installed it, it has had a dramatic impact on our bottom line. Cannot recommend it enough!

Mehul Patel, Founder of  Axelglade.com

How VideoWise Helped Axel Glade Beat Conversion Goal Rates

Axel Glade quickly realized that the hardest part about getting conversions was that the product was very visual. Customers who may have not purchased an ear cleaning device before may not fully understand how it works and why it came at a $100 price tag.

Reviews and how-to’s of their product started to surface on YouTube and were getting lots of engagement. These YouTube videos were actually helping to sell their product.

This started the journey of finding a way to seamlessly add videos to their Shopify store, and feature them in a way that would boost conversions.

VideoWise is the Shopify solution I recommend to anyone who sells anything online.

Mehul Patel, Founder of  Axelglade.com


Videos watched between May 2021 and Dec 2021
Video driven orders
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Find & Sort UGC

Axel Glade was able to automatically find and sort positive video content from YouTube about their brand. This means that VideoWise pulled the best videos about their products from YouTube and automatically sorted them with their products as listed on their Shopify store.

Video Shopping

On top of automatically matching the video content with their products, VideoWise also automatically converted all of the videos into shoppable videos. This encourages shoppers to make a buying decision directly while they watch a video and learn more about the product.

Advanced Analytics

VideoWise features a suite of advanced analytics and reports for merchants like Axel Glade to understand how every video impacts their bottom line. With stats like added session time, conversion rate, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and more, merchants can see a clear picture of the entire buyer’s journey.

Why should you install VideoWise on your Shopify store?

Using a video marketing automation tool for your Shopify store has been proven to improve SEO through an average of 2,000 hours of additional session time every 30-days, and boost conversion rates by as high as +18%. VideoWise has the most advanced suite of video marketing tools for the Shopify ecosystem.

With video marketing providing one of the highest ROI and highest converting media types, it will only see more adoption as time passes. VideoWise allows entrepreneurs of any scale to create a better shopping experience with video. Here are the features that make VideoWise stand out.

Add Videos That Sell - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Or Upload.

  • Video Shopping - Turn any video into a shoppable video to boost sales. Fully customizable, swipe-up mobile experience videos that sell.
  • Bulk video embedding - Embed videos on thousands of product pages with automated product-video matching. No code, save hundreds of hours!
  • Find & use relevant UGC from YouTube - Use A.I. to scrape YouTube for positive videos that mention your brand or products and embed them on your site.
  • Powerful video analytics - Track shopper engagement, video performance, video a/b testing, conversions & ROI.

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