Artsabers Generates +$700K Revenue in Half a Year With Shoppable Videos

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Artsabers is a global brand created by a passionate Star Wars fan who lived the fantasy for a long time. After spending many years as part of the fandom, the founder decided that nothing says Star Wars more than the iconic Lightsaber.

As longtime collectors of sabers and forever fans of the epic franchise, the Artsabers team is on a journey to provide an excellent saber purchasing experience to Star Wars fans everywhere.

Their online store welcomes you into the Universe of Star Wars, where they boast a high-quality lightsaber collection perfect for both beginners and enthusiastic collectors.

The force that joined the galactic experience was shoppable video which proved to be a fantastic conversion booster.

Thanks to the video shopping experience offered by VideoWise, we've been able to generate excellent results with our collection of sabers. As we are filming many videos every day, it was essential to find a solution to help us use our videos on the website without affecting our page speed. VideoWise does it all - it engages, converts, and offers a great shopping experience to all visitors.

Arthur Martinson, ARTSABERS

How VideoWise empowered Artsabers to become the Force that increased conversions

When you discover the Artsabers’ collection, you instantly experience the sense of wonder that takes you on an authentic Star Wars journey. The lightsabers are considered more than products by the fan base. Therefore, exposing their exquisite designs and functionality on their website through a simple image wouldn’t have been compelling enough to engage the fans.

What Artsabers needed was a way to bring their products to life, and the best way they could have done that was by integrating VideoWise’s solution in their eCommerce strategy.

VideoWise’s customization features helped the Artsabers to create a steady path to purchase that doesn’t distract the customer from enjoying the storytelling process.

Since its adoption of shoppable videos, the brand increased its engagement and time spent with the content, ultimately boosting the conversion rate.

Their longtime mission to provide an exemplary customer experience to their fans came to fruition once they felt the impact of shoppable videos on their store.Artsabers & VideoWise



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Video Shopping

VideoWise was the game-changer that brought an entirely new force to the brand’s shopping experience. Their Youtube how-to videos have been converted into shoppable videos designed to bring results thanks to the video experience provided by VideoWise.

Nothing could deliver more value to their Shopify store than shoppable videos, considering the potential of their visually compelling products.

Once they started to count on VideoWise’s performance, their fans started to enjoy the best of both worlds - learning how to use their favorite sci-fi weapons from a video, while also choosing and purchasing the products inside the video without leaving the page.

Making shoppable video the Jedi of their Shopify store, the Artsabers have seen a boost in sales thanks to the user-friendly experience that made viewers feel more connected to the products.

Advanced Analytics

All the data-driven decisions of Artsabers have been supported by the advanced analytics and reports of VideoWise. Tracking the performance of every embedded video on their Shopify store is essential to understanding how the videos work and what can be improved.

Metrics like added session time, conversion rate, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and more can further guide brands like Artsabers to better comprehend their shoppers’ behavior and seize sales opportunities.


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