Boost Time on Site by Hundreds of Hours: Grill Rescue Case Study

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Grill Rescue is the world’s best grill brush, with no bristles. The unique invention uses some of the materials sown straight into Firefighters’ jackets and was created by a Firefighter. They have an amazing product, so all they needed to be even more successful was to boost time on site, engage visitors, and convert more of them into customers. Which is exactly what they did with the help of VideoWise.

Their message to their customers gets straight to the point: “We know fire. Grill Rescue was invented by the very person you want around when it comes to fire. You can trust you have the absolute best materials on earth packed into the World's Best Grill Brush.”

As their Shopify store continued to grow, and they started to implement video testimonials on their site, they found they needed more UGC and wanted an easy way to add it to their stores. That’s when they found VideoWise.

We know fire. Grill Rescue was invented by the very person you want around when it comes to fire. You can trust you have the absolute best materials on earth packed into the World's Best Grill Brush.

Anthony Tranchida, Co-Founder,

How VideoWise Helped Grill Rescue Boost Time on Site & ROI

VideoWise enabled them to find hours of relevant UGC videos that they could use on their store almost instantly. In addition, it automatically matched all those videos with the proper products in their Shopify store.

This simple automation saved them hundreds of hours of potential work and had a high ROI. From there they could track all of their results in the reports dashboard, where VideoWise displays all the relevant data about the impact of your videos.

I wanted to collect a ton of video reviews from across social media because I knew that other people’s input really affects a buyer’s decision. But I didn’t have an easy way to do it.

VideoWise’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

Anthony Tranchida, Co-Founder,


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Finding Video UGC Automatically

VideoWise enabled Grill Rescue to find and organize massive amounts of user-generated content about their products and brand. These videos could then be used on their Shopify store to increase their session time, and boost conversion rates.

Bulk Video Embedding

Once VideoWise found UGC videos, it also allowed Grill Rescue to embed those videos onto any product page on their site, with no code. With VideoWise’s integrations, you can seamlessly repurpose content to your store from YouTube in minutes.

Advanced Reports

VideoWise features an advanced analytics dashboard that shows you all the important stats around your video content, ensuring that you have full clarity and can improve as you have more content. You can see analytics like, engagement rate, added session time, conversion rate, influenced orders, ROI, and more.

Why should you install VideoWise on your Shopify store?

Using a video marketing automation tool for your Shopify store has been proven to improve SEO through an average of 2,000 hours of additional session time every 30-days, and boost conversion rates by as high as +18%. VideoWise has the most advanced suite of video marketing tools for the Shopify ecosystem.

With video marketing providing one of the highest ROI and highest converting media types, it will only see more adoption as time passes. VideoWise allows entrepreneurs of any scale to create a better shopping experience with video. Here are the features that make VideoWise stand out.

Add Videos That Sell - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, or Upload.

  • Video Shopping - Turn any video into a shoppable video to boost sales. Fully customizable, swipe-up mobile experience videos that sell.
  • Bulk video embedding - Embed videos on thousands of product pages with automated product-video matching. No code, save hundreds of hours!
  • Find & use relevant UGC from YouTube - Use A.I. to scrape YouTube for positive videos that mention your brand or products and embed them on your site.
  • Powerful video analytics - Track shopper engagement, video performance, video a/b testing, conversions & ROI.

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