How Empowered by Ashley Boosts Conversion With Shoppable Videos

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Empowered by Ashley has one mission in mind - to empower women in all walks of life.

With sexual violence on the rise, and with sex trafficking increasing year over year, Empowered by Ashley creates products and solutions that empower women to feel strong and secure in their daily lives.

The flagship of the brand’s portfolio, the Safety Alarm is created by a team with over 10 years of experience in product design and manufacturing and is momentarily in the core focus of the company. 

The story of Empowered by Ashley shows how can an online store with very few - or even just one - products utilize shoppable videos to teach and empower women while generating conversion along the way.

We've added 700+ hours of time spent on our site by customers watching our videos in the last 90 days alone, with a 15% engagement rate, and a 5% influenced conversion rate. Not only that, but we're able to see what type of content resonates best with our audience and create more of it for TikTok and Instagram.

Plus the team at VideoWise have been SO helpful in helping us to set everything up. Thank you all so much!

Tom Brown, Empowered by Ashley

This is how VideoWise helped Empowered by Ashley boost conversion rate and empower more - and not only women

Empowered by Ashley is all about innovation and making an impact in people’s lives. VideoWise has the same core values and it became obvious that the two will successfully work together to try and change the statistics.

Ashley realized that to boost the conversion rate significantly was to emphasize the benefits of their products in a more visual way. Customers who may not have purchased a personal safety alarm before would have found it much harder to understand its usability. Therefore, using shoppable videos to showcase the products’ features turned out to be the best option to retain customers and engage with them in a more empowering way.

Ashley's online presence also pointed out that personal alarms are not only for sole women, but can come useful for other demographics as well, especially the elderly, the handicapped, or even pet owners. Collecting and showcasing testimonials from easily differentiated user segments helped them reach a broader audience who otherwise wouldn't consider using personal alarms. 

Empowered by Ashley had all the chances to become a visually memorable brand. It only needed a boost and this is when VideoWise changed the game.Ashley - case study img

Relying on the power of VideoWise, now customers can fully understand what the products are all about and can interact with them in a visually satisfying way. Their blog not only gives actual and valuable information about personal safety but the content was seamlessly added to their Shopify store and featured in a way that would influence shoppers to purchase.

Thanks to VideoWise solution, our website has become an empowered place where women and girls can make their purchase decision more confidently. For us, shoppable videos have become part of the change.

Tom Brown, Empowered by Ashley


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Find & Sort UGC

Empowered by Ashley was able to automatically find and sort positive video content from YouTube about their mission for a good cause. VideoWise pulled the best videos about their products from YouTube and automatically sorted them with their products as listed on their Shopify store. 

Using an automated tool to search for UGC helped the company to segment the market better and focus on groups who haven't been marked as potential customers before. The handicapped and elderly, as an example, quickly adapted the tool as an alarm for falls, and these users shared their testimonials online as well. The marketers of Ashley didn't need to manually search for these segments and videos, as VideoWise did the finding and sorting for them.

Video Shopping

What’s becoming even more apparent is the power of shoppable videos, enabling the audience to tap and purchase products instantly through video.

VideoWise has brought this experience straight to Empowered by Ashley store. This allows shoppers to purchase their safety accessories directly through video while enjoying the interactive presentation of the product and its usability.

This especially comes in handy in stores where the blog posts drive the majority of the traffic. Ashley's blog is a prime example of the combination of valuable content and product placement without making the advertisement pushy or bothersome. By adding a single video carousel to the posts the visitors could learn more about the product and make a purchase without even leaving the article, making the process more streamlined.

Getting a better understanding of the products has also led to a great lift in conversion rate.

Advanced Analytics

VideoWise is packed with a suite of advanced analytics and reports that support merchants like Empowered by Ashley at every step of the way. It is important for every merchant on Shopify to analyze and understand the impact of videos in each stage of the shopper’s journey. Stats like added session time, conversion rate increases, videos watched, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and much more are all metrics that help the merchant to evaluate customer traffic and drive sales opportunities.


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