How Headphone Zone Added 100s of Shopify Product Videos Automatically

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Headphone Zone is a Shopify store in India that sells the finest headphones and earphones from around the world. Since headphones and earphones are such sensory products, it can be very hard for a product page to tell you everything you need to know. It makes sense, then, why adding Shopify product videos to their store quickly was so important. Here's how VideoWise helped.

That’s why Raghav Somani, Founder & CEO at Headphone Zone started looking for a video solution that would help him communicate the quality of his products to every customer who visits his online store.

Headphonezones automated shopify product videos

Headphones and earphones are very sensory products and it's really hard for a product page to tell you why these sound so special, and that's where video reviews come in.

It's really important for us that our website is the single place where they get all the information they need to make a purchase decision. That's where VideoWise has come as a great help to us.

Raghav Somani, Founder & CEO at  Headphone Zone

How VideoWise Helped Headphone Zone Add Automated Shopify Product Videos

Headphones are one of the most commonly reviewed products on YouTube, so naturally, a large number of the products Headphone Zone sells already had existing video reviews on the platform.

VideoWise made it simple to find these videos in an instant, and automatically sort them to match with the products on their Shopify store. They simply needed to review which videos they wanted to publish on their site, and in a few clicks, they scaled video content to hundreds of product pages.


Adding videos on +800 product pages, effortlessly

We all know that in order to place videos on a product page you must first produce that video or find it on a third-party source, moderate it, and then manually embed it in Shopify on the product detail page. This entire process is very time-consuming, sometimes leading to hours of work just to find the right videos and get them on the right product pages. 


VideoWise is the #1 YouTube Compliant Partner on Shopify, allowing us to search for video UGC for millions of products at a time. After that, VideoWise automatically matches relevant video results with the right products, making video embedding on product pages possible at a large scale on thousands of SKUs.


Headphone Zone was able to save thousands of working hours by using VideoWise's Find Video UGC. This allowed them to find the most relevant videos about their products in just seconds. After that, adding videos to each product was a matter of just approving the results VideoWise found using our simple drag & drop video management interface.

We use VideoWise extensively on hundreds of product pages on our website, making sure that every single person sees all the YouTube reviews while making a purchase decision.

VideoWise's automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

Raghav Somani, Founder & CEO at  Headphone Zone



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Shoppable videos at an 18% conversion rate

Shoppable video is actually a feature that was released after Headphone Zone had already started working with VideoWise. Nonetheless, the feature has had an impressive impact on their bottom line, as they can seamlessly integrate the checkout experience with their newly acquired video content.

VideoWise tracked all of the purchases made after/during the product videos and it was no surprise when we saw that if shoppers that watched the product videos converted at a 18% average conversion rate over a period of 6 months.


Shoppers watched 5 minutes of video on average

Conversion rate wasn't the only metric that VideoWise helped grow -- the engagement of the product pages was uplifted as well. The session time on product pages with videos has been increased by 5 times, shoppers watching videos on average of 6 minutes/shopper.

In total, VideoWise managed to help HeadphoneZone add over 6,000 hours of video over the summer of 2021... Yes, you read that right, that's over 6,000 hours of added time on site. Or, to put it in perspective, that's over 250 days of added time that shoppers spent more on the product pages.

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