How Rongrong Used Social Video to Attract Customers in a Couple of Months

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Rongrong creates chic fashion art for everyday life. Whether you’re trying to self-improve, and up your organization or you’re looking for some unique customization and accessories to add to your daily routine, Rongrong has something for you. With such amazing products, it made sense that Rongrong's success was only a matter of finding the best way to attract customers to their site (and let the products and social proof do their magic with converting them).

Rongrong Devoe moved from China to the US a decade ago to pursue her dream to be an artist. She is passionate about creating art and products that empower women and celebrate diversity. In her shop, you can find colorful and fun fashionable illustrations, planners, stickers, and other accessories. All the artworks are hand-drawn on paper with love!


How VideoWise Helps Attract Customers

In any fashion-forward business, the aesthetic and feel of a product are the most important things. So Rongrong set out to make their store as engaging and visually satisfying as they possibly could.

Video is the most powerful form of media for creating clarity around a product online, that’s how they found VideoWise.

Using VideoWise meant they could now engage with their customers in a more meaningful way with custom shoppable video players.

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Using VideoWise has been a great experience for me. I recommend it to all Shopify merchants, it has made my store stand out from the competition. Their customer service exceeds all expectations!

Rongrong Devoe - International fashion and beauty illustrator


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Video Shopping

With VideoWise, Rongrong was able to not only place videos on their product pages but also increase their conversion through shoppable videos. This means that every time a customer watches a video on their product page, it will automatically encourage a customer to purchase with a customizable UI.

Find video UGC

VideoWise also automatically finds & sorts relevant video content about their products from YouTube. This made organizing and sharing UGC on their Shopify store a breeze.

Advanced Analytics

VideoWise features an advanced analytics dashboard that shows metrics along every step of the buyers’ journey. Stats like added session time, conversion rate increases, videos watched, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and much more. Understanding customer behavior starts with the data.


Why should you install VideoWise on your Shopify store?

Using a video marketing automation tool for your Shopify store has been proven to improve SEO through an average of 2,000 hours of additional session time every 30-days, and boost conversion rates by as high as +18%. VideoWise has the most advanced suite of video marketing tools for the Shopify ecosystem.

With video marketing being one of the highest ROI and highest converting media types, it will only see more adoption as time passes. VideoWise allows entrepreneurs of any scale to create a better shopping experience with video. Here are the features that make VideoWise stand out.

Add Videos That Sell - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Vimeo, Or Upload.

  • Video Shopping - Turn any video into a shoppable video to boost sales. Fully customizable, swipe-up mobile experience videos that sell.
  • Bulk video embedding - Embed videos on thousands of product pages with automated product-video matching. No code, save hundreds of hours!
  • Find & use relevant UGC from YouTube - Use A.I. to scrape YouTube for positive videos that mention your brand or products and embed them on your site.
  • Powerful video analytics - Track shopper engagement, video performance, video a/b testing, conversions & ROI.

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