How Kegelbell Educates Women with Shoppable Videos

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Kegelbell exists to help modern women feel good inside and out.

Their health and fitness products are designed by a worldwide team of experts and are distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what modern women need to feel better at any age.

Kegelbell's inventor, Dr. Stephanie Schull created Kegelbell as an ode to feminism and a desire to change how society tries to convince us of irrational taboos about female bodies, that when believed, actively harm women, limit their experience, and diminish their quality of life. She is on a mission to create things that matter.

We are on a journey to support women to live fully and not just get by. Our products are designed in such a manner that could become difficult for our customers to get a clear understanding of how they work. We wanted to come across a video solution that could fit perfectly on our website pages, offering women a more compelling shopping experience. VideoWise was our go-to solution for reaching our goal to educate and retain our audience.

Stephanie Schull, founder Kegelbell 

How VideoWise helped Kegelbell empower women while boosting conversions

Kegelbell devices are more than products. Their complex features can’t be displayed and understood through a simple image on their website. Every detail communicates a benefit that needs to be comprehensive enough for the women who shop.

After a thorough analysis, we've concluded that “How-to” videos were the perfect solution for increasing the engagement on the website and creating a satisfying experience. 

Integrating VideoWise in their marketing strategy has set the sails for a successful outcome. Once they added shoppable videos to their Shopify store, there was a noticeable evolution to their engagement rate as well as conversion rate.

Now, Dr. Stephanie Schull was ready to present her products and connect with her audience directly through video. Her confidence and professionalism portrayed in her videos had a greater impact on the shoppers’ checkout experience.

If before using VideoWise customers were not fully aware of the product's full potential, now with the help of shoppable videos, they could connect with the brand in an authentic way. Ultimately, this has led Kegelbell to successfully convert more customers and build long-lasting trust.kegelbell - case study img



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Video Shopping

VideoWise has opened a door full of opportunities for Kegelbell’s shopping strategy. VideoWise converted their tutorials into shoppable videos and that was the start of a successful story.

Selling such complex and helpful products for women, Kegelbell was destined to discover that shoppable video was the right fuel for their website to stand out in the Commerce industry.

Women that identify themselves with Kegelbell’s mission can now easily immerse into the product’s storytelling while being able at the same time to purchase the product from the video. 

Interacting directly with dr. Dr. Stephanie Schull and getting to know the products through video have led the brand to experience an increase in conversions.

Advanced Analytics

VideoWise features a powerhouse of advanced analytics and reports designed for merchants like Kegelbell to comprehend in a more analytical way the impact of every embedded video on their Shopify store. With stats like added session time, conversion rate, engagement rate, influenced orders, ROI, and more, merchants can understand the entire process of their customer's behavior and make the best-informed decisions.


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