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Here’s What VideoWise Can Do For Your Store

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This is a phenomenal product.
Ever since we installed it, it has had a dramatic impact on our bottom line. This is something I recommend to anyone who sells anything online.

VideoWise’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

VideoWise is pretty incredible.
It has increased our conversion rate and the average time on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will VideoWise affect my page speed?

No! :)
VideoWise uses lite video embedding⚡️, as recommended by Shopify Plus on their blog.

When the page initially loads, the site only embeds the thumbnail image of your video. The video player itself only loads when the user clicks on the thumbnail.

VideoWise thumbnails are compressed images so they will load really fast.

How does VideoWise increase conversions?

Videos increase shopper engagement and make shoppers spend more time on your site. Shoppers will be better informed about your products and more inclined to purchase because of the unbeatable social proof that videos offer.

We tested it and A/B tested it on +10M shoppers and the conclusion was obvious. If shoppers watch videos they are more inclined to buy! Our studies with Shopify Plus stores have shown that shoppers that watch video have a conversion of up to 20% compared to standard shoppers that don't watch video.

It's obvious that video increases conversions, so the goal is to get more videos in front of your shoppers on your online store.

What is a shoppable video?

Shoppable videos are defined as interactive videos that allow viewers to engage with product details and purchase products inside the video player while watching the video.

The experience enables any product featured in a video to be clickable, which helps to capture purchase intent from the consumer at the moment of inspiration. By turning a passive video into an active experience, viewers are more engaged and more likely to convert.

How long does it take to set-up my account?

VideoWise offers full onboarding for all pricing plans. You can also easily get started yourself in just a few minutes:

1. Add and approve videos for your products.

2. Customize your video widgets and place the embed code on your product pages or any other pages of your online store.

Everything else is automated, VideoWise turns your videos into shoppable videos, it matches approved videos with your products and generates deep engagement and conversion analytics.

Also, if you need any assistance our 24/7 support team is always available to help you out!

How is checkout handled with shoppable videos?

VideoWise is deeply integrated with Shopify so the add to cart and the checkout processes are being handled by your own Shopify store using your own checkout interface.

Is there a free plan or can I get a discount?

If you are a nonproft organization or if you are just getting started with Shopify (revenue < $5K/month) you are eligible for a discount.


Just install VideoWise on your Shopify store and speak to our support team about this.

Can I upload my own videos?

Yup, you can use your own videos.

Upload your videos on one of our supported video platforms or upload them directly into VideoWise to use our white-label video player.

Can I add videos for thousands of SKUs?

VideoWise allows bulk video embedding which means you can add unique videos to thousands of  products at a massive scale. 

VideoWise is a compliant YouTube Partner and can Find Video UGC on YouTube that mentions your brand or products in a positive way. VideoWise  automatically pre-moderates this video UGC content and match those videos with your products as video suggestions that you can embed on your site.

On what pages can I embed video?

VideoWise allows you to embed videos on any page of your online store: product pages and custom pages such as your home page, category pages, your blog posts, your love walls, etc.


VideoWise allows product page bulk video embedding so you don't have to manually add videos to each page. Your video content management happens all inside VideoWise using a simple drag & drop interface.

How many videos can I use on a page?

With VideoWise you can add unlimited video widgets with as many videos as you want on the same page.


For example, you can have one large presentation video on the top of your homepage, a YouTube carousel in the middle with video reviews and Instagram stories on the bottom of the page next to your text reviews.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

No, there are no bandwidth limits. Shoppers can enjoy watching video as much as they want on your online store increasing your session time.

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