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Reeview’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

Reeview’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

Reeview’s automations make the process of finding and displaying powerful, user-generated videos totally effortless.

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Do videos affect my page speed?

No! :)
VideoWise uses lite embeds⚡️, as recommended by Shopify Plus as well.

When the page initially loads, the site only embeds the thumbnail image of the YouTube video. The video player itself (and all its extra JavaScript) only loads when the user clicks inside the thumbnail.

YouTube & VideoWise thumbnails are about 15 KB so lite embeds can reduce the size of web pages by almost a few MB.

How do videos increase conversions?

Videos increase shopper engagement and make shoppers spend more time on your site. Shoppers will be better informed about your products and more inclined to purchase because of the unbeatable social proof that videos offer.

We tested it and A/B tested it and the conclusion was obvious. If shoppers watch videos they are more inclined to buy! Our studies with Shopify Plus stores have shown that shoppers that watch video have a conversion of up to 20% compared to standard shoppers that don't watch video.

The question is not if video increases conversion, it's how can we get shoppers to watch more video on your site?

Is there a free plan or can I get a discount?

Yes, we offer a free forever plan that allows you to add unlimited videos to one product or page of your site.

All our pricing plans include a 14-day free trial so you can easily upgrade and in just a few days you will see the impact that video has on your site. You can cancel anytime within this period and you will not be charged.

We also offer significant discounts to nonprofit organizations and a 20% discount when you pay yearly.

Can I add videos for thousands of SKUs?

VideoWise is the only video platform for e-commerce that embeds video at a massive scale while being page speed friendly. You can add videos on a virtually unlimited number of products and pages and generate reports for each individual product and video widget.

Also, because of our YouTube partnership we can find relevant videos that mention your brand or products and we can do it for millions of products every month. We know, it's unheard of.

All of these are offered with our custom enterprise pricing plans that meet any demand.

How long does it take to set-up my account?

Setting up your VideoWise takes just a few minutes.

1. Add and approve videos for your products.

2. Customize your video widgets and place the embed code just once, on your product template page.

Everything else is automated, VideoWise matches approved videos with your products, tracks shopper engagement, collects video testimonials and shares your videos on your social media pages to generate more traffic.

And, if you need any assistance our 24/7 support team is always available to help you out!

Can I upload my own videos?

Yup, you can use your own videos.

Upload your videos on one of our supported video platforms or upload them directly into VideoWise to use our white-label video player.

Are there any bandwidth limits?

No, there are no bandwidth limits.

Can I use videos on my home page or other pages?

Yes, you can add videos to any page of your online store and you can even add multiple types of video widgets on the same page. For example. you can have one large presentation video on the top of your homepage, a YouTube carousel in the middle with video reviews and Instagram stories on the bottom. All of these tracked to see how shoppers interact with your video content.

VideoWise allows you to add how many videos you want on as many pages as you want to.

How is the ROI of VideoWise calculated?

VideoWise can show you in real-time how shoppers engage with your videos. The ROI is calculated based on the amount of influenced and direct orders a shopper places in the same browser session, immediately after watching video.

VideoWise also displays the conversion rate for shoppers that watch video so that you can compare it to the conversion rate of standard shoppers that don't watch videos.

We know video increases conversion so we clearly communicate the impact video has for your store.

How many videos can I add on a product or a page?

You can add as many videos as you want and as many types of video widgets as you want.

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