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Share shoppable videos with QR Code

Why did we design this feature?

Have you ever wished you could share your product videos outside your Shopify store? How about adding a QR code on your product packaging or labels that could direct your customers straight to a fullscreen, swipeable shoppable video on your website?

We are pumped to introduce QR Code - available on our PRO Plan. This is a new dynamic way of directing your customers toward your shoppable videos on your website to increase engagement and offer an interactive shopping experience.
We believe this new feature will provide a ton of value to your audience, offering them a unique way to engage with your content. 

How To Share Shoppable Video With QR Code?


Examples Of Using QR Codes On Product Packaging

1. Educate Consumers Using How-to Video QR Codes
You can download your QR code from your Videowise app and use it on your product packaging to educate the customer on how to use a certain product or the other functionalities that may not be clear from the packaging. 
See QR Code in action for one of our brands:
2. Link QR Codes to Product Video Updates
If you have some product updates that you want to share with your audience, start showing in a video what's new instead of blogging about it. Place a QR code on packaging that leads directly to the shoppable video on your website, so your customers can enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience. 

3. Place QR Codes That Lead To Video Testimonials
You can use endless options to display your QR Code on the product packaging. For instance, you can easily plant a QR code on the packaging that links to a video testimonial right on your website. This can increase customer loyalty and retention by making the purchasing process less time-consuming and entertaining.

4. Boost your upsell strategy
Upsell customers with shoppable videos in QR codes to encourage them to buy instantly and to buy more. Tag related products in your videos to generate more sales. Allowing them to explore other sweet deals from your product line will make them want to take their phones out and scan the code.

Put your shoppable videos to work

It has never been easier to upsell with shoppable video linked to QR codes on packaging and turn the shopping experience of your customers into a highly engaging one.

If you’re on the PRO Plan and eager to try out our new feature, you can get started today and share your shoppable video with QR Code on your packaging by following the steps we outlined above. Oh, and if you’re currently on a Starter Plan and want to start using our new feature, you can upgrade to the PRO Plan anytime. If you want to start using Videowise as your go-to solution, just give us a holler by requesting a demo below.



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