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Get To Know Our New Feature: Replace Video

Why did we design this feature?

As we're constantly looking to improve the user experience in our app, we've designed an efficient way to replace the videos that you use on your product pages.
Imagine you have a video distributed on hundreds of pages. Suddenly, you decide that you no longer want to use that video file for 200 pages but instead choose a new video.
That's why our new feature is super powerful - because it allows you to replace videos even though you already have them distributed on hundreds of pages. (That’s the dream, right?)

How to use "Replace video" feature?


Benefits of using "Replace video" feature

1. Save time
Rather than replacing videos on every page, our new feature comes in handy and allows a lot of automations that can swiftly save time and reduce hassle.

2. All interactions from the video will stay the same
It's important to mention that when you decide to replace the video on your product pages, the settings for shoppable videos that are tagged in that video will remain unchanged while keeping the video present in video widgets.

Give this powerful new feature a try!

We hope you enjoy putting to work this new feature, and stay tuned for more product updates. If you want to start using Videowise as your go-to solution, just give us a holler by requesting a demo below.




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