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Introducing Ratings & Reviews To Your Shoppable Video

Why Did We Design This Feature?

We'll state the obvious here - customer ratings and reviews are all the rage regarding how your customers' impression of your brand impacts their behavior and drive their buying decisions.

We implemented product ratings & reviews as an addition to our shoppable videos, so your customers can enjoy a streamlined shopping experience - preventing them from searching for reviews outside your Shopify store. Our new feature will display your ratings on the products tagged inside the shoppable video. Pretty cool, huh? Thus, your customers will make confident purchase decisions while interacting with the video and seamlessly following the checkout process.

How to display Rating & Reviews in your shoppable videos?


Benefits of displaying product ratings in your shoppable videos

1. Improve your customer experience
Amplifying the voice of your customers by displaying authentic ratings on your Shopify store will result in a seamless shopping experience that will eventually boost revenue, retention, and satisfaction. 

2. Integration with the most popular ratings & reviews platforms
We joined forces with the most fully-features reviews app in the ecosystem so that you can boost your conversions with product reviews. Platforms such as Fera, Judgeme, Junip, Stamped, Yotpo, and Reviews.io are all available in our app. Before choosing your platform, make sure that you install one of these apps from Shopify app store and integrate it with Videowise. The integration magic begins after you access our knowledge base and follow all the steps to integrate your reviews account with Videowise.

3. Better conversion rates
From a conversion perspective, our new feature addition is meant to help customers make well-informed purchasing decisions that directly lead to more sales.

Make Your Reviews Pop

There you have it, displaying your reviews inside the shoppable video as easy as pie. We bet the shopping experience will never look better on your website. It’s time to let the voice of your customers highlight the real value of your brand.
Are you excited for this new feature? Then go right ahead and try it out. Regardless of what plan you're on, you can start using our new feature today! If you want to learn how Videowise can improve your conversions, just give us a holler by requesting a demo below.


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